Integrate now to Benefitmall

As we move our commission information over to BenefitMall’s system, we want to be sure that you will continue to get your commission checks without any issues. In order to fully migrate your agency into BenefitMall’s Commission System we need your help completing some credentialing information. Once everything is fully completed please send securely to Robyn Keefe at Robyn.

  1. Completed Agent/Agency Data Form
  2. Direct Deposit (this is mandatory for any compensation paid through BenefitMall)
  3. Completed W9
  4. Copy of Active State Health & Life licenses for the states which you will be soliciting business in
  5. Copy of E&O Insurance Certificate 1 million dollar minimum is required

Please reach out to your FILCO GA rep if you have any questions or need assistance. We appreciate you taking the time to complete and upload these documents and are looking forward to enhancing the services and benefits we can now provide to you under the BenefitMall platform.

Your FILCO Team

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